A separate corporation that is owned by another corporation. American Banker Glossary
A wholly or partially owned company that is part of a large corporation. A foreign subsidiary is a separately incorporated entity under the host country's law. A subsidiary's financial results are carried on the parent company's books. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. subsidiary sub‧sid‧i‧a‧ry 1 [səbˈsɪdiəri ǁ -dieri] noun subsidiaries PLURALFORM [countable]
a company that is at least half-owned by another company:

• It is important that investors are able to deal with confidence with enterprises from other member states, whether directly, or through their subsidiaries.

subsidiary of

• Chase Manhattan Bank is a subsidiary of Chase Manhattan Corp.

ˌpartly-owned subˈsidiary
a company that is partly owned by another company, and also has other owners:

• The company has sold 28 partly-owned subsidiaries.

ˈsales subˌsidiary
a company that is owned by a larger company and sells its products:

• Honda is setting up a sales subsidiary in Ukraine.

ˌwholly-owned subˈsidiary
a company that is completely owned by another company:

• A parent company in the UK will be legally responsible for the debts of its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

  [m0] II. subsidiary subsidiary 2 adjective
connected with, but less important than, something:
subsidiary to

• The issue of responsibility is subsidiary to the pressing need to compensate victims.

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   A company of which more than 50 percent of its voting stock is owned by the parent company.

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subsidiary UK US /səbˈsɪdiəri/ US  /səbˈsɪdieri/ noun [C] (plural subsidiaries) (also subsidiary company) FINANCE
a company that is controlled by another: »

a banking/foreign subsidiary


a majority-owned/wholly owned subsidiary

subsidiary of sth »

California First Bank is a 77%-owned subsidiary of Bank of Tokyo.

See also PARTLY-OWNED SUBSIDIARY(Cf. ↑partly-owned subsidiary), SALES SUBSIDIARY(Cf. ↑sales subsidiary), WHOLLY-OWNED SUBSIDIARY(Cf. ↑wholly-owned subsidiary)
subsidiary UK US /səbˈsɪdiəri/ US  /səbˈsɪdieri/ adjective
FINANCE owned or controlled by another company: a subsidiary bank/business/outlet »

The company yesterday said its strategy is to grow subsidiary businesses for future sale.

used to describe something less important than something else, with which it is connected: »

Psychometric tests used at interview are not always accurate and only provide subsidiary information.

subsidiary to sth »

The group wants the protocol to be subsidiary to the WTO.

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